Do you feel loved?

The business community, especially Sales, are and forever will be full of ‘Talkers, talking the talk’ and ‘walkers, walking the walk’. Rarely will you find a relationship driven partnership that really makes you feel comfortable in ‘that department’. Is it pot luck? How do you know? What do you look for?
Who do you want to partner with on key business commodity essentials?
Identifying the culture of a brand and the approach of their representatives is important, to determine who you will deal with and who will be a ‘provider’ and who will be a ‘partner’.

Some key indicators to help you determine:

  • Have they researched you and your business? Are they really serious about partnering with you and have demonstrated that in their ‘first impression’?
  • Is there a structure to their approach and questioning that demonstrates that it has substance, it’s about you and where value could be added to YOUR business?
  • Is there rapport? Do they want to know about you personally and are not fickle in their approach?
  • Do you like them? Are they over-bearing? Too much? Arrogant? Lacking in knowledge? Shallow and weak in creating impact around your challenges?
  • Do they listen? Have they? I mean, really listened? Not just aligned their product to what they think fits?
  • Did it feel consultative and collaborative, with transparency?

These are all key emotions and feelings that have to be associated with choosing a partner and not a provider.
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