Analogue vs Digital IP

I always find it strange in an evolving and ever-changing world, that we don’t all move forwards with the times at the same pace. Generations are different, I get that, the youngsters are showing the ‘oldies’ how to use technology, children showing their parents how to ‘skype’ or ‘facetime’ or how to ‘dowload an app’.
It surprises me moreso that in busienss, ths is still the case. With over 80% of Europe and the Western world utilizing IP telephony, it always surprises me when somebody chooses analogue over IP.

Think of it like this; Iphone or Nokia? Champagne or Lemonade? Mazda or Ferrari?……Given the choice, with no restrictions, you would choose THE BEST…..Wouldn’t you???
Digital phone systems have changed the world of business communications by leaps and bounds over analog systems through functionality, scalability, and cost. Digital telephony has proven itself a long-term technology, with greater enhancements constantly being released.
The advantages of digital systems seem to outweigh those of analogue systems, which is why many businesses are switching to digital phone systems. Below are some of the high-level advantages:

  • Increased effectiveness of call transmission and routing
  • Lower monthly cost
  • Huge scalability
  • Future-proofing your business
  • Speed of deployment

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