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What do Your Communications customers look like? Could you be one of them? We hope so!

Let’s have a look at SMMEs – that’s short for “Small Medium Micro Enterprise”

Small, medium and micro enterprises are extremely important in our economy and we love them! Even the smallest business needs effective communications tools and processes – and we are able to assist, of course.

What about SMEs – that’s small to medium enterprises

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have been identified as productive drivers of inclusive economic growth and development in South Africa and around the world. Some researchers have estimated that, in South Africa, small and medium-sized enterprises make up 91% of formalised businesses, provide employment to about 60% of the labour force and total economic output accounts for roughly 34% of GDP.

LMEs – normally 20 to 50 users, structured over single or multiple locations

Typically, LMEs are office based and field based with possible homeworkers. Integration of mobile and fixed devices is critical – and the unifying of communication over various platforms.

Here, there is a necessity to apply target metrics to the way calls are answered and routed and the caller experience that is achieved through this. Can you market that your ‘Customer Service Team’ answer the phone within 3 rings, first time, every time?

Corporate 50+ Users

In this space, you will have the necessity of having a partner to support you in your communications, not just a provider. And not just short term, but long term too. A brand with values which emulate your own brand values. Service delivery and business continuity is expected and not hoped for. A partner who ‘just delivers’, ‘no matter what’ and offers reliability and not insecurity.

Business efficiencies and productivities are important and the functionality that achieves this, is attractive and exciting when aligned to your challenges. Are you an organisation that wants to find a partner to trust? Then give us a call.